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Kandis Created

Starter Bundle of 20 Stickers for Large Display - Pack of 10 (Wholesale Price)

Starter Bundle of 20 Stickers for Large Display - Pack of 10 (Wholesale Price)

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A perfect starter bundle for the large display. This bundle comes with 20 different best selling stickers. 

Large display holds between 20-22 different sticker styles and up to 50 deep.  I would also suggest purchasing a state sticker pack (if your state is available) 

Pack of 10 Wholesale Price $2.50 a sticker (Displays are sold separately and available under the wholesale tab.)


Adventure Van 3.5" x 3.2" Rounded Corners 

Butterfly 3.5" X 2.67" Die Cut 

Blue Heron 2.5" X 3.2" Die Cut 

Camper Van 3.27" x 3" Die Cut 

Carabiner 3.5" x 2.43" Die Cut

Hiking Boot 3" X 1.94" Die Cut

Horny Toad 3.5" X 2.01" Die Cut 

Jagged Mountain 3.34" X 3.5" Die Cut

Lets Camp 3" X 3" Circle

Mama Bear 3" x 2.32" Die Cut

Moose 3" x 2.83" Die Cut

Owl 2.69" x 3" Die Cut

Paws on Board 3" x 2.74" Die Cut

Raven 2.24" x 3" Die Cut

Roots and Rings 2.9" X 3" Die Cut

Sasquatch 2.21" X 4" Die Cut

Sucky Stuff Sucks 3" X 2.19" Rounded Corners 

Sun 3" x 2.79" Die Cut

SUP 'n' PUP 3" x 3" Circle

Yurt 3" x 3" Circle

***Possibility that your Starter Bundle could have one or two different stickers in it, if a sticker is currently out of stock. But it will be replaced with an equal high seller sticker. Thank you for your understanding.*** 

Stickers are high-quality vinyl, durable, weather resistant, and dishwasher safe.  They will stand up to the elements on your car or water bottle. 

Original Artwork  by Kandis Created


Premium Vinyl with a UV-protective laminate, to withstand even the harshest environments, including the dishwasher.

Shipping Info

$0-$49 - Free

$50-$99 - $4 USD

$100-$399 - $8 USD

$400-$799 - $12 USD

$800-$999 -$16 USD

$1000 and Up - Free

Kandis Created is not resposible for lost, damaged or stolen packages.


Each stickers is measured precisely from edge to edge to give you an exact measurment.

Care Instructions

Pre-wash the area where you'll be applying the sticker using either soap and water or a mixture of rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and water. Make sure the area is dry before applying the stickers. Once you peal the backing off the sticker, it is best to put your finger in the middle of the sticker instead of the edge until applied to the clean surface.

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